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Grow better less water

Grow crops better with precision fertilizer management and you can control the yield.

SMART Greenhouse

a framed or inflated structure covered with a transparent or translucent material in which fruit or vegetable or flower crops can be grown under the controlled climatic conditions

Plant Monitoring Sensor

Multiple plant monitor probes that collect data on the garden conditions and transmit that data to a handheld computer.

Artificial Intelligence

Farmers can now analyze a variety of things in real time such as weather conditions,NPK, PH, EC, temperature, Humidity, water usage or soil conditions collected from their farm to better inform their decisions.

Products - Smart Farm

For farmers who are interested to change or improve the agriculture from the old way. To do a new type of agriculture which is called Intelligence Smart Farm. We provide design services and intelligent farm installation systems. There are also many agricultural products distributed.

smartfarm greenhouse


ultrasonic sensor 0-800cm

THB14,600.00 THB16,650.00

Common Hops Seeds

THB150.00 THB200.00

Analysis Data and Monitoring on Graph




latest NEWS

Agricultural news articles to know Interesting articles and news on agricultural technology and methods of growing crops by new agriculture. In the field of intelligent agriculture technology around the world Knowledge and science in Smart Farm and Agriculture, high accuracy Let's help develop the agriculture of Thailand to be Country of intelligent agriculture Read more ...

NPK, pH Soil sensor measurement

Design concepts for many years Will be delivered as a new model product Sensors that can connect the system to the Cloud service with NB-IOT for farmers or researchers to connect to the smartphone application system for data collection, graph reading

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The Indoor Vertical farming(IoT)

The Next Generation Vertical farming with IoT requires little space but requires a lot of production. In order to obtain vegetables that are clean, safe and of high quality Controls and monitors Reducing farm management The production cycle and so on. Various system layout

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Modern farm systems must have an IoT, IIoT and AI system

Modern farm systems must have an IoT system. This will make it easier for farmers or modern smart farmers.

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